Horse Riding Tips For Beginners

Horse Riding Lesson Costs

Starting a child in horse riding lessons can be a financially daunting task from the start – but take heart, by not owning your own four-legged friend, you will be netting some serious cost savings up front. Understanding riding-related costs and their need will help you make informed decisions as your child embarks on their [...]

Horse Riding Tips for Beginners – What Is That Horse Trying to Tell You?

When children are introduced to horse riding lessons,  it’s useful for them to be able to understand some basic horse body language – it could save them from a kick! Horses by nature are expressive creatures. Unlike humans who often say one thing and mean something different, horses are remarkably straight forward with their expressions [...]

Horseback Riding Tips for Beginners – Safety

You can never be too safe and in this article we have some horseback riding tips for beginners on the subject of ensure that children learn to ride horses safely. Horseback riding for beginners of any age is great fun and can develop into an extremely rewarding lifelong hobby. As with most physical activities in [...]

Learning To Ride a Horse 101 – How to put on a Saddle

When learning horse riding, the is not something that you should try without supervision, until such time as you have been assessed as competent by your instructor. However as with other posts in this series, it may be helpful to explain the necessary steps, so you know what is involved. Firstly, a couple of observations: [...]

Horse Riding Advice – Some things to look for in a Riding Yard

Here is some more Horse Riding Advice regarding choosing riding yards. My daughter Katie recently went to visit some friends from school, who have progressed from riding lessons to ‘loan horse’ arrangements at a local yard – one which was unknown to us. Over the years, Katie and I have visited quite a few yards [...]

Learning Horse Riding 101 – Putting On The Bridle

Now in this article about learning horse riding I’m going to try and describe how to put on the Bridle – but in fact this is something that is easier shown than described – so hopefully I’ll do a video before too long showing just how easy it can be. As ever, these words are [...]

Learning Horse Riding 101 – First Time On A Horse

As with many aspects of life, making the right start when learning horse riding is really important and in these horse riding tips for beginners we will look at sitting on a horse for the first time. As mentioned in a previous post, you must try to control your fear and trust the instructor looking [...]

Childrens Horse Riding – Katie looks back

I recently asked my daughter Katie, what childrens horse riding advice she would like to have given to her 8 year old ‘self’ as she started horse riding lessons for the first time. In the event she decided to write herself a letter and I have reproduced it below. For me the key points that [...]

Learning Horse Riding 101 – How to approach a horse

When you start learning horse riding, it’s very important to have a very healthy respect for the animal – most people are naturally wary and that really is a good thing! In my last article (horse back riding tips) I discussed the need for a good positive mental attitude and in this entry I’ll build [...]

Horse Back Riding Tips

Here are some initial horse back riding tips that you might like to think about during the early stages of learning to ride. Positive Mental Attitude Would you believe me if I said that nothing about riding is so important as making up your mind to control your horse?  I think most people can related [...]