Horse Riding Prices – Lessons

By David

Horse Riding Prices – Lessons

Looking back on it, I’m ashamed to say that when Katie said she first wanted to get into the sport, one of the first questions I asked was what about horse riding prices?

Most reasonable parents might have wondered about the safety of their precious child – falling off the horse or being bitten or falling on top of a pitch fork in the stable – but no – I wanted to know about the cost of taking up horse riding lessons!

The assessment of what is expensive is of course very subjective depending upon your own circumstances, but to give you an idea of our perspective, I’ll describe our family of 6 as being one who can cover our essential bills and usually have enough left over for a holiday but we would not regard ourselves as having a lot of money to spare – perhaps suffice to say that unexpected expenditure is usually noticed!

Overall we have been quite at ease with the amount of money we have had to spend on Katie’s riding lessons  to date and to be honest there have been very few arguments about it. We have found horse riding prices to be totally controllable and scalable – what I mean by that is we have always been able to keep the expenditure down to basics and then allowed additional ‘top ups’ as and when we felt able.

I hasten to add that we also have 3 boys and were they all to take up the sport at the same time as Katie and require lessons, then that could easily ‘break the bank’ so beware what you start!

The basics for us have been a weekly lesson at the local riding school and the top ups have usually been either going out on a hack or participating in competitions and fun days during the school holidays.

The average price that we have paid for lessons is in the region of £20 ($30) for an hour’s group tuition. At her last riding school, it was compulsory for the students to do an hours stable management course before the riding lesson and this pushed up the cost to a total of £30 ($44) for the 2 hours.

Sometimes during the school holidays Katie would have the opportunity to go out with the riding school on a hack (riding out in the countryside maybe with a bit of galloping over the open fields – definitely Katie’s favorite way to spend a couple of hours) – for this activity to riding school would typically charge £35 ($51) and would be regarded by us as being really good value not only in terms of the couple of hours but just the sheer enjoyment factor.

The other holiday activity would be the occasion fun day, which might well incorporate a bit of a competition (nothing too serious) and for these “days” – maybe 10 am to 4 pm, we would expect to pay £45 ($66) – these were not so popular with Katie as often she would find herself lookingafter younger children and sometimes much of the ‘fun day’ would involve playing party games around the yard rather than actually hands on horse based activity. Somewhat cynically, we would see those days as ‘fund raising’ for the yard but equally it was clear that they needed to find supplementary ways to raise money otherwise lesson prices would go up – it was a compromise that we were happy to support.

Of course in addition to paying for the lessons, there are other horse riding prices to consider, but that will have to wait for another post!


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